Bingeing with Baby: Movie Edition

No one ever tells you that maternity leave feels a little like being on house arrest. Don’t get me wrong! I love bonding with my daughter! I just don’t love the fact that, at this point, our time together is confined to a space of about 1800 square feet. Erica here, and I’m back with another list of movies I’ve been watching during my captivity. This time, I’ll be giving you my verdict as well as Veda’s for each film!

Lion starring Dev Patel

This little film, which won the Golden Globe for Best Picture, came highly recommended by my friend, Deborah. Naturally, this made me leery, not because I question Deborah’s taste in movies, but because every time I get my hopes up about a movie, I inevitably find myself disappointed. But Lion did not disappoint! Based on a true story, this tale of survival and human connection was sad at times but heart-warming in the end.

My verdict? Watch it! Right now!

Veda’s verdict? Please don’t ever abandon me at a busy train station in India, Mom.

Collateral Beauty starring Will Smith

Yikes… With a cast that includes not only Will Smith but Kate Winslet (whom I absolutely love!), Edward Norton, Keira Knightley, and even Helen Mirren, I thought, is this going to be the movie of the century or what? The answer: or what. This movie was one of the most god-awful pieces of crap I’ve seen in a long time. From beginning to end, it was trying too hard, wanting to be like Babel with all its intersecting storylines but ending up feeling contrived and didactic. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like it when Hollywood tries to shove “profound” lessons about life down my throat.

My verdict? Not even worth the $1.49 it costs to rent at Redbox.

Veda’s verdict? You’re right, Mom. You should’ve saved your money for diapers.

Why Him? starring James Franco

Veda’s father often forces me to watch these types of screwball comedies. Lately, none of them have been very good, but I love Brian Cranston of Breaking Bad fame and James Franco, who is actually very intelligent and writes poetry despite the degenerate roles he often portrays. In this movie, Franco’s character is pretty much the antithesis of all things swoon-worthy, which makes me question the premise of the entire movie. Why would some young, attractive 22-year-old Stanford student fall for this crass, immature 32-year-old video gaming tycoon? Yes, the premise makes me vomit, but overall the movie made me laugh–many times. Keep an eye out for obligatory I-accidentally-ingested-drugs scene with Megan Mullally.

My verdict? Lots of laughs if you like this kind of film.

Veda’s verdict? Geez, Mom. It’s a good thing I haven’t acquired any language skills yet, or my first word might be F***.

Snowden starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt

An interesting biopic for the man some consider a hero and others consider a traitor. Snowden seems to take some cinematic liberties, but I honestly didn’t care much about the story’s veracity because it was rendered so well by director Oliver Stone. I learned a lot about Snowden’s personal life and his motivations, and I’d let you know where I stand on the hero–traitor spectrum, but I am writing this on the internet after all. Are you listening, NSA?

My verdict? Worth watching.

Veda’s verdict? So… can the NSA hear me when I fart, Mom?

Fences starring Denzel Washington

This is a very, very heavy movie. It is based on the play of the same name by August Wilson, which is very reminiscent of Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman in its tone, style, and plot. Viola Davis won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, a well-deserved award. In fact, all of the performances in this movie are top notch. My partner’s mother let me borrow her copy of the film under the condition that I would tell her what it’s about after I watched it. In her words: “We didn’t get it.” Other than the fences metaphor, the way we hold people close and shut people out in relationships, I didn’t really “get it” either.

My verdict? More artistic than entertaining.

Veda’s verdict? Can we went something a little more baby-friendly next time, Mom?

That’s all for now!





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