The Stormlight Archives

Happy Wednesday fellow bingers! While I usually use humpday to make you hungry or tell you about awesome shows and movies, today I’m going to recommend some reading. Epic fantasy reading!!!

If you’re anything like I was a week ago, you are unfamiliar with the genre. Basically, epic fantasy is a subgenre of fantasy, where the characters are magical and live in a totally different universe. Brandon Sanderson is a pretty well known epic fantasy author. At the suggestion of a friend I read his novel The Way of Kings, the first installment in the Stormlight Archives series. I can’t believe I went this long in life without reading this genre or author, it was a literary adventure.

Have you ever read a book so good you carry it around with you and keep reading? Even when you’re walking into another room to get a drink or something? That was the kind of relationship I had with The Way of Kings.

To give you the gist, the story bounces back and fourth from the viewpoint of each main character. Each character is gifted, and somewhat related to each other in working towards saving the world from the imminent “storm” that approaches. Sanderson’s character development and fight scenes are extremely well written, creating a smooth and fun read. I highly recommend checking out this series or dabbling in the genre. I was not disappointed and I bet you won’t be either!

Happy Reading!



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