Women who inspire…

T.G.I.F Bingers and Bingettes,

It’s Friday again, we made it another week.

Here we are, the last day of March. And being a lady, I feel it’s very appropriate to end the last Friday of the month appreciating Women’s history month. I could go in on all the favorite celebrities and historians who paved the way for women’s equal rights and history. However, I won’t because you already heard it all and by now it’s probably boring.  They are neither rich or famous but all have inspired me greater than any celebrity. They are the women in my life…

First off, is mom. My mom is a character. Stubborn and forgiving. Sometimes, I find myself thinking how could anyone be both? She taught me that education is a priority and that a woman should educate herself.

Second, is my aunts. I call them my “Aunties”. My aunts keep me grounded, they always give the best advice, and they have taught me about traditions in the family.


Last, is my daughter. She has taught me patience. Her name is “Emani” (pic above) her name means Faith in other countries. She is autistic, yet currently has all A’s and at the top of her class. Emani inspires me tremendously.

Shout out to all the great women in my life who have inspired me! Who inspires you?

See you later Bingers, until next Friday. April is almost here that means Easter and that means bunnies. =0






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