Calling All Crazy Cat Ladies, Part Two!

Erica here, and I’m sad to report that one of my best friend’s cats, Drake, is missing. In honor of my friend and her relationship with Drake–and in hopes that he’ll return home soon!–this is my second installment of my favorite cat videos, which always come in handy when I’m having a bad day.

1. Ukulele Interruptus: If you cohabitate with a cat, then you already know they can be total assholes sometimes. However, this girl should be grateful for her cat because I’m pretty sure he helped her little video go viral more than her music was going to! (No offense. Really.)

2. The Slap: Apparently, cats are assholes to other cats, too.

3. Cat Vs. Tiger: Even if your cat is an asshole, this video is a pretty good reason why you want to try your hardest to stay on his good side.

4. Dusty the Kleptomaniac: Thank you to Animal Planet for sharing this kitty’s little quirk: prowling the streets at night and stealing from the neighbors! For humans? A big no-no. For cats? Adorable and hilarious!

5. Momma Cat: Even if your cat is an asshole, whether to you, other cats, stuffed animals, or the neighbors, this video is a reminder of why we love them so much. And heck, who can resist a video with kittens AND a puppy?

That’s all for now! Tune in next Thursday!


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