Drama, drama, drama…

Good-morning Bingers!


It’s Friday again! Spring is here and it’s still raining. If you love the rain, this makes you happy. However, if your an outside person (like me) you might be feeling bummed. But, the rain is perfect weather for show watching. Busy with work and school? That’s okay, thank God for the record button. I maybe a nurse but I don’t like watching medical/drama shows. Never judge a book by it’s cover. No, I prefer reality drama/love shows and mystery is always a eye-opener for me. Any show that contains history and mystery is an up for me. And of course drama, drama, drama…


Watching shows is entertaining and sometimes it also inspires me to write and create unique characters. Some of these characters, I often wonder how people even come up with such interesting traits. My favorite character on t.v. right now is “Leonard”. A big Bravo! For actor Williams who I think does an awesome job with capturing such a incredible character. Leonard is gay but he is no wimp. His character proves there are false stereotypes about gay men. Because Honey! Leonard is gay and strong. What’s your favorite show/character and why?

My top favorite shows:

Love and Hip Hop ATL (vh1)

Hap and Leonard (Sundance)

Underground (WGN)

See you next Friday, Bingers!






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