Track by Track: Stolas – Self Titled

Pretty much from the first note I knew this would be refreshing given two weeks of not really feeling what I was listening to. 

Overall: 8/10

Favorite Track: Bellweather

Least Favorite: Cold and Unmanageable

It’s the song that cuaght my attention and for good reason. The intro is the right kind of calm and the background vocals set the mood prefectly. It’s got a strong chorus with strong instrumental backing as well. 


I absolutely love the rhythm section for this track. The lead guitar parts in the first minute of the track are quiet and might go unnoticed but they add some flare and they pick up later on to be something real sweet. 


There’s a nice groove that feels much simpler than it is. The little break that followed the post choruse was unexpected, but it makes sense. The instrumental break in the middle was pleasant as well. 

Damage Division

The lead guitar is interesting. The lyrics on the whole album are rather obscure and interesting, but they stood out to me on this song particullarly. 


This is my favorite. The instrumentals are sweet and every note seems like the right one. The transitions from high energy to low are smooth and the vocals are solid. 

Cold and Unmanageable

It starts off fairly softly but it picks up later in the song. I can appreciate it, but I didn’t think it was special. 


The bass guitar work on this album has caught my attention, but this track specifically made me want to stop listening and learn this song. It’s nice overall, but the bass stands out.


The lyrics are interesting, but the song as a whole doesn’t catch my attention. 


It’s really groovy and the chorus is great. The vocals are energetic and the drum work is noticeable. Some of the electrpnic parts never fail to make me smile. 

I’d almost describe the intro as fluffy, but the rhythm section cuts in to disturb that quickly. It sets into a nice groove that’s a joy to listen to. The later parts of the song feel triumphant and it prooves the song to be a good closure for the album. 

I did end up making it out to Dance Gavin Dance and it was phenomenal. Definetly one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. 

Throwback: No Vacation – Dræm Girl

Single: Bridgit Mendler – Can’t Bring This Down


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