St. Patrick’s Day

Good morning Bingers and Bingettes!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! My last name is Irish but I have not one bit of Irish in me. Long story! In fact, I can’t even tell you that my family has ever celebrated it. All I know about the holiday is that beer is a major resource and of course, there was that superstition in grade school that if you don’t wear green…

Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? It’s always great to research others cultures and traditions. It keeps the world well-rounded. Here is a site that can help you read up on the “green day”. Here is some history about the observed day. Five things to know about St. Patrick’s Day:

[Shamrock cookie, just because, who doesn’t like cookies?]


  1. Wear green
  2. Shamrock (traditional symbol)
  3. Green beer and Corned beef (traditional foods)
  4.  Public holiday in Ireland since 1903
  5. Popular day for drinking beer

Happy Friday Bingers! I might have to go out this weekend and check out this “Sham-Day”. Have a fun, safe weekend. Remember, don’t drink and drive. Stay safe out there.




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