Track by Track: Senses Fail – In Your Absence

​I’ve heard their name tossed around, but I’ve never given them a real listen. Here it goes. 

Overall: 7/10

Favorite Track: Jets to Peru

Least Favorite Track:

Jets to Perú

Right off the bat, it’s not what I expected. Lyrically it’s a little cheesy, but I like it. 

In Your Absence

The background strings add a nice touch as far as layering is concerned. 

Death Bed

I really like the lyrics. While it’s about death, it’s much less sorrowful than the other tracks. 

Family Tradition

The auxillary layering in the chorus is cool. It’s a good listen
Lost and Found

I like the guitar phrasing in the chorus. I really like the lyrics for the second verse as well. 

Overall, I feel it’s really nothing special. It wasn’t unpleasant, but it didn’t blow me away either. 

This week’s throwback isn’t too old, but I’m (hopefully) seeing them Sunday here’s Crush by Polyphia. 

And here’s your single for the week as well: Tempermental Love – Bridget Mendler & Devontée

Until next week,



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