I am woman…

Good-morning Bingers! T.G.I.F.

Last Friday, we talked about stepping into Spring and all the great activities. Now that we stepped into Spring, March is also National Women’s History month. This past week we celebrated Women’s Day. There are huge supporters out there in the public. The activity is at a higher rate especially under the current presidential resistant time. Women are stronger than ever before. I believe strength is a major trait in being a woman. What things make you or have made you stronger? Even if your not a woman, what do you think makes women strong? Five things that have personally made me stronger are:

  1. Being a mother
  2. Being a single mother
  3. Raising twins
  4. Being a daughter
  5. Hysterectomy recovery

Having had twins and a hysterectomy, will make any woman strong. This is two of the most difficult events in my lifetime. [What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger]. Take a look at some other great quotes and interesting reads from some fellow, group bloggers @dailybread400.

Happy National Women’s Month!


Love, Cjay



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