Fist Fight: Ice Cube Crushes It

If you are anything like me, you are a huge Charlie Day fan. I’ve been watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia for years, and I loved him in the Horrible Bosses films. When I saw the trailer for Fist Fight I got stoked! Ice Cube’s role as a overly intense teacher looked great, and I was not disappointed.

Without giving too much away, Day and Cube are teachers at the same high school and a dispute leads to Cube challenging Day to a fist fight at the end of school day. Day tries a bunch of different tactics to get out of the fight because he is terrified (who wouldn’t be) and is certain he will lose. Ice cube owns the role as an overly passionate teacher with a mean streak.

Definitely leave the kids at home for this one, the R rating is well deserved. The film was refreshing in how far the jokes went and how both main characters brought their own style to the film and complimented each other really well. The film was a comedy of course, but it had a great message buried in the humor and I appreciated that. Check out the trailer below.

Happy viewing! -Melissa


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