Track by Track: A Will Away – Here Again

I saw this in my reccomendeds on Google music. It wasn’t my thing. I tried to find the good in every track, but sometimes I just couldn’t.

Favorite/Least Favorite: Everything sounds the same. 
Overall: 6/10 

The vocals are nice but instrumentally, nothing stands out. It all seem like one long song. 
Here Again

I really like the vocals. They remind me a bit of Jeremy from A Day to Remember at times. The guitar parts are nice as well. 

Pay Raise

There’s some clever wordplay and nice instrumentals. 


The layering with the vocals has a real nice affect, but instrumentally it’s sounding like everything else.


It’s a slow song but the vocals are pleasant. I like the guitar work as well. 


One of the more unique sounding tracks on this record. The guitar in the outro is pretty nice.

Well Adjusted

Also a bit different from the rest of the album. The bass line in the intro sets it apart.


I hate to say it, but at this point i’m compelled to stop listening. This record’s just not doing it for me. 

Better Reluctant

I like this track lyrically. The chorus blends well and is nice to listen to. 

Summon Your Savior

A slow vocally driven track, it’s alright. The outro is it’s saving grace. 

The Shakes

I like the vocal work and I feel that the instrumental supports it well, especially drum wise.  



Into the Light

I’m hoping that something will catch my attention but it’s not happening. 

Something Special

Thank god, I’m done. 

I’m not gonna call this a bad record but it’s just not my style. I’ll stick to talking about records that I at least somewhat enjoy from now on (or those that are comically bad)
On a more positive note, check out Hayley Kiyoko’s video for Sleepover.

And here’s your throwback for this week: In Fear and Faith – The Calm Before Reform.


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