Go Spring!

Good morning Bingers! Hope those who celebrated Mardi Gras had safe fun. It’s nice to spend time with your loved ones so traditionally. And if you’re a single parent like me? Sometimes, it can be difficult finding activities that the whole family can engage in.

Well! The leaves have fallen, the weather is getting just a little bit warmer, and oh! I don’t know about you guys? But, I have had to wash my car more. The birds are beautiful this time of year but their increased, messy activities, seem to end up on my windshield every morning.

Yes! It’s getting warmer, but it’s still cold. Two more weeks until Spring. I love activities and this is a great time to get started. It keeps the family healthy and happy. One thing I like to do is keep a list of activities. Real Simple gives a list of 50 activities to start in the Spring.

My favorite one- Pet A Bunny:



If you can’t find Bugs, I think your cat or dog will do. Some of the activities listed are very simple that it’s almost cheesy. But, I think that is the great part about making a list. We get so tied up in our every day busy lives work, school, and drama. Yet, we forget about the little things in life. You know the things that really make life relaxing and fun.

Five things my family and I like to do in the Spring time:

  1. Go to the park
  2. Take a road trip
  3. Get ready for Easter
  4. Mow the lawn (yard work)
  5. Clean the garage (Spring cleaning)

Spring cleaning is not necessarily fun to a group of teenagers. But, put on some pop music, bring out the snacks, and watch them work, work, work (in my Rihanna voice).

See you next Friday, Bingers! It’s warmer, but it’s still cold. I like to spend my extra time in the warm house watching my shows. Love&Hip Hop ATL is about to start a new season (on VH1) And Honey! It’s about to go down. I love watching drama because it’s not in my life!

Love, Cjay


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