Track by Track: Strawberry Girls –  Italian Ghosts

​I was initially a little confused about how to approach discussing an instrumental album. Mostly because what I interpret as bwee doo probably doesn’t match someone else’s bwee doo. Bear with me.

I had heard of Strawberry Girls when I had seen that they would be touring with Polyphia and Chon a little over a year ago. I loved the album title this time around, so I gave it a listen. 

: 7/10 

It’s cool, but to me it’s just not memorable. 

Least Favorite Track
: Step into the Light

Favorite Track
: Vanilla Rainforrest

Black Nights, Golden Circus

The intro is calm but also energetic. Moving past that section, the song begins reminds me a little of “Atlas Novus” by Scale the Summit for a small chunk. It’s got real nice drum work and is an overall groovy song. 

Vanilla Rainforrest

I love the main riff for this track. It’s something that makes me want to move, but still keeps the chill vibe that the whole album maintains. 

Thank God

One of the tracks with vocals, this stands out for being a little more simple instrumentally. It’s not a bad thing at all though. It’s a really fun song lyrically and the vocal work is great. 

Welcome to the Woods

This is an interlude, but it’s no slouch. A short, but stong track. 

Little House in the Big Woods

This track was, to me, a little less attention grabbing, but I put no fault on musicianship. The lead parts in the back half stand out to me as strong though. 

Step into the Light

The choral vocals are definetly cool, but other than that I find this track rather boring. 

South American Sun

They worked in Careless Whisper, ’nuff said. 

The Hate of Loving You

The vocals are refreshing for this music scene. Very unique in regards to this genre. The track moves a little slowly but it’s nice nonetheless. 

Been There, Done That
I’m a sucker for bells so this song had me there. As well, the lead part about midway through is extra catchy and the outro riff grooves hard. 

Shadow of The Moon

Probably the best track out of those that include vocals. They’re smooth and propel the song. The background layers that are added create a nice mood as well. 
There’s definetly fantastic muscianship on display, but nothing stands out too me. I even struggled remember the name of track that my favorite out of the lot. For me, it’d make for great background music, but I don’t see myself seeking out any of these tracks for more active listening. 

I had also wanted to start posting throwback songs each week so here’s the first: Dance Gavin Dance – Powder to the People

Until next week,



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