At The Party

Good-morning, Bingers and Bingettes!


Yes, It’s still Mardi Gras time!  If your celebrating this weekend, you might want to read up on some special ways to spend the holiday with the family. Last time, we talked about traditional cocktail that we like to mix up to celebrate the time. However, It’s not just a holiday to spend drinking booze and passing out overnight in your friends bathroom.

Al though, many of us have and will do that party hard all night again. Why not try the sober way? Spend the day with your family, and see if you have just as much fun, fun, fun. Personally, my family and I like to make our own masquerade masks and have our own ball at home. It’s fun and safe. Take a look at The River Front. They give great ideas on how to spend Mardi Gras with the fam…

5 ways my family celebrates Mardi Gras:

1. Create and design your own masks.

2. Have a Mardi Gras party (use the recipes we talked about before).

3. Visit Old Sacramento and Mid-town (they have plenty of events to celebrate the Gras).

4. Instead of a movie, go to a play about the history and heritage of Mardi Gras .

5. Play some traditional jazz/blues music. Dance, dance, dance.

I love to spend Mardi Gras with my Mom…


Yes Indeed, it’s time to party with the fam. Don’t drink and drive, play it safe.

Have a great weekend, Bingers! See you next Friday at the party yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =)

Love, Cjay



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