The New Spoken Word

Spoken Word Poetry has gained increasing support through our generation’s social media usage. Spoken word is exactly what it sounds like. It is a performance art where poets perform their poems live. In a similar way, music artists are using this type of performance art. People who have an interest in both English and hip-hop, have broadened the horizon of genres. From this, an Indie-Rap culture is emerging. A prime example of the product of this would be the album “Overseas Cigarette” by Silk Animus.

The songs not only introduce musical composition, but they also focus heavily on lyrical composition. The lyrics are written with literary devices like rhyme, allusion, and imagery. The album is for people who want to listen to music that will make them think. His songs focus on things like decisions, government, relationships, technology, and social issues.

It’s something I enjoy listening to everyday! You can find it on SoundCloud, Itunes, band camp, or spotify if you’re interested in hearing what I’m talking about! If you listen to any of it please let me know what you think!!



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