Mardi Gras Time

T.G.I.F, good morning Bingers and Bingettes! It’s your girl, Cjay. Friday is here and your looking for some fun. Well, Mardi Gras time is here. Last time we talked about special dishes for the celebration. This time can we get to the drank? Yes, I said it, “drank”. The top five special cocktails are actually recipes that originated from New Orleans. Take a look at what the experts and bartenders had to say about each cocktail. You might find it interesting. The top five drinks during Mardi Gras are:

1. Sazerac

2. Ramos Gin Fizz

3. The Pernod Cocktail

4. Southern Comfort Cocktail

5. Hurricane

All of these mixes look good. They also have some history behind the drinks and how they were created. I might have to try one, or two myself. Although, I’m more of a Hennessy kind of girl! Have fun celebrating the Gras. And remember, Bingers, don’t drink and drive. Get a designated driver. Play it safe! Next week will continue to talk about the celebration and other holidays this month. Cheers!

Love, Cjay






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