Mmmm, Food.

Hello, readers! We meet again! Erica here, and after enjoying an impromptu dinner at one of my favorite restaurants last night, I’m feeling inspired to write about–yep, you guessed it!–food. One of my rules for bingeing requires a bingeworthy subject, so I’m sharing with you the most memorable meals of my life in case, you know, you ever want to binge like a rockstar. Here is the list of my five all-time favorite restaurants (in no particular order):

  1. Boulevard Bistro in Elk Grove: The inspiration for my blog today! Not only was this restaurant the site of my first experience with swordfish and salmon eggs benedict (where had they been all my life?), it was my first exposure to bone marrow, which is, apparently, edible. As a pescetarian, I wouldn’t know, but my best friend describes it as “meat butter,” and my father insists on ordering it every time we celebrate a special occasion. In fact, I can’t think of any other place I’d rather celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or even a random Wednesday night. What did we eat last night and what am I currently digesting, you may be wondering? For appetizers, we had roasted brussel sprouts with garlic saffron aioli (or fancy mayonnaise, as I call it); baked camembert with crostinis and peppery frisee; and smoked trout rillettes with course ground mustard and housemmade pickled vegetables. For the entree, I had salmon, always seasoned and pan-fried to perfection, with rainbow chard and creamy polenta. Yum!
  2. Ti Couz in San Francisco: It pains me to inform you, dear reader, that this restaurant no longer exists and its authentic buckwheat crepes have disappeared along with the hokey French decor. The first time I brought my partner here, I lectured him while we waited to be seated: “You are going to be tempted by other items on the menu. Do not give in to this temptation. Trust me, you want to order the mushroom and cheese crepe.” I’ll never forget his response: “Babe, you are never more passionate than when you are talking about food.” Well, who wouldn’t have passion for the thin, almost caramelized crunch of the buckwheat crepe filled with earthy mushrooms and melty cheese and topped with a rich gravy? And yes, they had dessert crepes in all their nutella-y glory, too. R.I.P., my beloved Ti Couz.
  3. Riverside Clubhouse in Sacramento: Although this restaurant has a frustrating habit of changing its menu, and not in a we-serve-only-seasonal-farm-to-fook-dishes kind of way, it still reserves a special spot in my heart for two reasons. One, this was the first restaurant my partner brought me to when he was courting me. Two, they used to have a salmon dish that was absolutely to die for; I roll my eyes as I repeat, used to. I can still taste it like it was yesterday: salmon perched on a bed of wilted spinach, sweet potato, and caramelized onions surrounded by a swirl of ginger-cream sauce. Cue the watering mouths…
  4. Greens in San Francisco: You don’t have to be a vegetarian to appreciate the foodie heaven going on at this little gem by the sea. The one and only time I ever ate here, they were serving a four-course prix fixe menu. Everything was absolutely delectable and surprisingly filling, from the entree, some strange yet ingenious hybrid of panzanella meets lasagne, to the butterscotch pudding. Note to self: I have to go here again–very soon.
  5. Mama’s Fish House in Maui: Yes, you might have to travel a couple thousand miles to eat here, and you’ll definitely have to dip into your child’s college fund to afford it, but man oh man oh man is it worth it. You will absolutely feel like Polynesian royalty. Now, I like sushi, but our appetizer was the best sashimi I’ve ever had–topped with an array of colorful, gourmet sea salts. My entree was a fresh, locally caught, macadamia nut-crusted mahi mahi stuffed with crab. This dinner, so indulgent, so orgasmic, made me black out, and I was only revived by the French press kona coffee we were served after our meal. If you’re ever in Maui, you MUST binge here.

That’s all for now! Tune in next Thursday!


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