John Wick Chapter 2: Well Worth the Wait

If you are anything like me, you are skeptical of sequels. The first John Wick movie came out in 2014, and had everything a good action movie should plus the added benefit of a leading actor that does his own stunts. The movie was great because it wasn’t bogged down with CGI and fight sequences that were way too far fetched, and the story was interesting and made sense. I loved it, but I was hesitant about another installment. Not because I didn’t want to see Keanu Reeves go on another seamless killing streak in a sleek black suit, I was all for that, but because I feared the story would be lacking in depth and consistency. Let’s be honest, most sequels suck, but I must say this one did not disappoint.

John Wick is a tortured soul trying to live his life without having to kill tons of people, but something always goes wrong and drags him back into the life of a hired assassin he so desperately seeks to escape. Throughout his journey he encounters many opponents, but no one is a match for this guy.

If you love watching the impossible unfold, and rooting for the unbreakable badass, I highly recommend John Wick Chapter 2. If you have not see the first John Wick film give it a whirl at home and enjoy the ride, then head to the theater for another 2 hours of nonstop awesomeness.

Check out the trailers below

Happy Viewing!




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