Track by Track: Safe in Sound – Lower Than Atlantis

“I hate everyone that I meet”

The album hooked me in with the first line. I love this record for sure. Definetly reccomend that you drop everything and give it a listen. Like right now. 

Overall: 9/10 (Just because I’m hesitant to give out a 10 this early in the year)

Favorite Track: Money

Least Favorite Track: Long Time Coming

Had Enough
Definetly up there as a great one (hell this whole album’s great). The auxillary percussion parts add a nice touch and I love the chorus. 


I love the vocals on this track. They’re extra smooth and it makes for a real chil track. It’s got a nice drum groove going for it as well. The prechorus is my go to skip when I give this a listen. 

Long Time Coming

Again solid drumming and vocals. It’s not super attention grabbing for me at the moment, but it’s far from boring at the same time. 


I feel like the best way to describe this track is “cool”, like leather jacket, sunglasses, comfortable walk cool. It’s not super high energy but it’s a great listen. 

Work for It

The guitars are heavy compared to the rest of the album and I love it. This track, I love it. The album, I love it. 

Could Be Worse

Call me blasphemous, but I got some serious CHON vibes from the intro. Melodically, this song’s superior to the rest of the album (maybe a hard tie with “Money”). Lyricall, it throws me back to the positive metalcore middle school days, but not in a cringy cash grab way. It feeel genuine and it definetly makes me smile. 

I Would

More throwbacks, this reminds me heavily of “I’d Do Anything” by Simple Plan. Like I’d even argue that this is a rip off. The deeper vocals give it a much more mature vibe though and, as always, the lead guitar is refreshing. 


My face fell and I lost my train of though mid conversation when the verse groove dropped. Giving it a second listen this was kind of an overreaction, but this track is no less fantastic than I thought it was first listen. I genuinely feel like I’m floating on a cloud during this song. Between the guitars and the background vocals, it’s straight up ethereal. 

I Don’t Wanna Be Here Anymore

Beautifully done. You gotta listen to it yourself. 

A Night to Forget

Overall a fun song. It works perfectly as a closure and builds a real content pop punk atmosphere to end on. 

Give this a listen for sure. I loved it start to finish. 

Until next week



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Andrew Marco says:

    awesome share! I haven’t heard of this group before, but I feel that I need to look into it now 🙂

    Overall, in general, what songs are your favorites of theirs if I haven’t heard of them before?


  2. This is actually the first record of theirs that I’ve heard. Off of it “Money,” “I Would” and “Dumb” are my favorites though.


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