A Little Love From Me to… Me

If you have never been to a LUSH cosmetics store, then you are missing out. Sure you might get scent-blasted when you walk in the doors, but once your nostrils stop flaming it’s a great experience. They have a multitude of products that are basically guaranteed to make you feel GOOD. My favorite items from LUSH are obviously their infamous bath bombs. They are little compacted balls of dreaminess that you add to your bath. The bath bombs come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and scents. (Just like the employees at LUSH). Although they discontinued my all-time fave bath bomb, they still carry some gems. This weekend I had the privilege of enjoying a bath and a face mask courtesy of LUSH.

It always helps me put my worries into perspective when I take time to be alone and focus on myself. Self-love is really so important for all of us. In honor of Valentine’s Day I challenge everyone who reads this to find a few hours this week to give themselves some love. (Don’t worry there are plenty of other ways to do this besides a candle lit bubble bath). Find something that works for you. It could be exercising, cooking, cleaning, writing… Once you find your favorite method of self-love, don’t be afraid to binge out on it! Also, don’t be afraid to let me know what you come up with!

Best wishes,



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