Good morning Bingers and Bingettes! Yes, its Friday, thank God. I will be here with you every Friday. Who am I? My name is Creasha, my friends call me “Cjay”. Just a boring nurse, with no life. Single mother with three teenagers and yes, I feel like driving over a cliff sometimes. But, I never do because I love life and enjoy the happy moments. What you will get here is music, entertainment, news, food, history and anything that makes us feel happy. I may also include medical information, I mean it would only be right, being a nurse and all. However, I’m not into drama shows about medical professionals, overdone, and they stretch the truth anyways. No, I am a AHS fan. So stay tuned for that. I’m not a negative person, I am more into comedy than tragedy. In fact, I have a twisted way of turning tragedy into comedy. Lets not waste time on me. On a lighter note, its almost Mardi Gras. Now, my family celebrates Mardi Gras every year. Its become a tradition. And Honey! What better day to binge than on Fat Tuesday. I’m sure you all know what this popular cultural trend is about. But, if some reason you have been hiding underneath a rock (like I do sometimes) here is a site, check it out! http://www.history.com/topics/holidays/mardi-gras


Every year, my family creates our own masks and the food is always traditional. To truly know yourself, you should know where you come from. And I believe, we should experience and indulge in other cultures, as well. Do whatever makes you happy! Stay tune for next Friday. It is Black History month. Will be looking at the history and the news. So, don’t be misinformed like Donald. Educate yourself. Peace!

Love,  Cjay.



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