Grown-Up Tea Party

Last weekend, my mom and I attended a ladies tea at The Hidden Tea Room in Lodi, CA. We went with a group of about two dozen women from my mom’s church. The whole experience was a refreshing break for us. We had plenty of food and PLENTY of tea. The whole time we got to sit and chat with our friends while enjoying the ambiance of it all. During a break in music and food, one of the women shared a little story that has stuck with me. It went a little something like this:

A woman wanted to start exercising at home, so she started using her canned foods as weights. At first when she held a can in each hand and extended her arms outward, they felt nearly weightless. She felt that the weight of the cans was too little to have much of an effect. After a minute had gone by, her muscles started burning. After a couple more minutes, her arms started to shake. Over time she wondered how the light, little cans could become so heavy.

The same goes for all of us with our worries. We don’t see how impactful our worry is when we first bear the weight of it. However, over time a seemingly small mental burden can take a huge tole on our ability to function. We have to try to stay conscious of the worries that we carry, even if we feel like they are tiny problems. All of us need to take time to focus on ourselves so that we can deal properly with our weights. I hope this story helps you release some of your worries like it has helped me.



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